Anthony Zierhut.

Anthony works in the L.A. area. His site is entertaining & cool. He also has a great Sketchblog, as well as some interesting links and information on storyboarding as a career. My link to his site was broken for about five years, so... sorry about that... five years.


Spark's site has examples of his storyboard work on features and TV spots, as well as his illustration, painting and comicbook work.

Mike Vosburg

Mike is self taught, like me, except that he’s way better than me, and works harder than I do. I sit next to him at a drawing workshop, just waiting for him to make a really crappy drawing. I’m still waiting...

William Stout

Stout has to be the most versatile artist since the dawn of cave painting.

Who else could go from underground comix, survive Hollywood, and end up painting massive prehistoric murals teeming with life?

Gerald Forton.

Gerald works as a storyboard artist in the L.A. area. I 've enjoyed working with him here and there- his knowledge, drawing ability and speed are amazing!

Doug Lefler

Doug is one of the only storyboard artists who actually worked his way up through this treacherous business to become a feature director. How he did that and stayed such a nice guy will always puzzle me. Maybe it’s his talent and hard work? Or maybe he just gives really good phone...

Imery Watson

Rather than painting re-heated Hollywood leftovers, here is a concept artist who actually comes up with NEW concepts! I’ve seen him do it! Too bad much of his best work is not allowed on his website yet.

Vlad Bina

When I was a kid, we thought Romania was some gulag where troglodytes toiled in salt mines. Guess what America? There are a lot of REALLY talented people in other countries!  While you were zoning out on Nascar,  guys like this were getting smarter than your whole family put together! Amazing digital set designer...

Tom Jung

I was lucky enough to work with this guy, and benefit from his hard won wisdom. What a talent. Tom worked as a poster designer and painter for many years, before storyboarding for features. He designed a painted the first Star Wars poster!

Jim Mitchell

Jim can do everything from storyboards, animatics, 3d, to digital painting. He can also do the hardest trick: great on-the-spot drawings.

Federico D' Allesandro

My friend Federico is a whiz at doing boards, etc. digitally. He finally got me to start working digitally.

Benton Jew

My friend Benton's blog. Drawing, illustration, comics, etc.

Ryan Woodward

Ryan can do it all: Storyboards, animation, 2D/3D animatics, life drawing, comics, and more.

Craig Mullins

Amazing, gorgeous digital paintings! Don't miss this artwork!

Dan Milligan

The best digital storyboards for film I've seen. He uses painter. Here's an interview with more of his great art.

James Crandall.

James has a really nice confident style and AMAZING cars! After looking around, I consider him to be the best "comp" artist in the business. He also has a very informative  FAQ for students, and a GREAT  "working methods" page where you can see a couple of drawings evolve.

Jorge Zaffino

This Argentinian artist worked in American comics in the 80’s and 90’s. Every several years some artist comes along and infuses some badly needed freshness and originality into American comic art. In addition to being widely copied, they usually get famous as well: Alex Raymond, Milton Canniff, Neal Adams, Mike Mignola, etc. Somehow Jorge Zaffino remains relatively unknown. His website has tributes from John Paul Leon, Tommy Lee Edwards, and more. His work deserves wider recognition, especially since he died at the young age of 43 in 2002. Here is some of his color work.

Gene Colan

Gene Colan is one of the very most original and innovative artists ever to work in comics. His website showcases his excellent work, and offers drawing lessons.

Stanley Meltzoff

Incredibly talented and versatile illustrator. Look at the Ancient Greek and Roman battles!

Wayne Barlowe

I was lucky enough to work with Wayne, and see his drawing chops first hand. His favorite illustrator is Howard Pyle, and the same attention to craft is evident in all of Wayne’s work. But the subject matter is a little different than something Pyle would have thought of!

John Watkiss

This guy is a hell of an artist! His other site is here. Both sites are a little hard to navigate, but well worth the effort.

Yogi Bear 1962

Just because I like it: an old school TV animation storyboard. Yogi gets punched in the face by a picnic basket!

Citizen Kane

Some nice old school storyboards, done in charcoal in a sort of "Ashcan" illustration style, from Orson Welles' Citizen Kane.

Mars Attacks!

Some wacky boards from storyboard artist Peter Von Sholly. some of the art is displayed next to stills from the movie for comparison. More Mars Attacks art from an uncredited artist here: 3, 4, and lots more here.

The Exorcist!

A Brazilian site showing 'boards from the Exorcist. Spooky man!


Boards from the movie about slain singer Selena. More here. All are drawn by Mike the storyboard guy.

Draw Magazine

This magazine has good professional drawing instruction.

The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Boards from the Renny Harlin film. Artist: Lee Wilson.


A few of these links are friends and colleagues of mine who do storyboards. The rest are links I think the World needs to see. Do not e-mail me to be added to my links. This list is informal and will remain so!

David Apatoff's Illustration Art Blog 

This blog is amazing and informative, and inspirational, and the best of it's kind. Don't miss it. Here is the feed which I guess has everything.

Gallery Nucleus

This is a GREAT art & Illustration gallery, way out here in Alhambra of all places. Well worth the trip though. Lots of hard to find books too. Every artist should check this place out.

Noel Sickles

Noel Sickles was a hugely influental illustrator in his own day, and his work is relevant and worthy of study today. It was Sickles who first invented the simple chiarascuro brush and ink shorthand that dominated the Milton Canniff school of cartooning. His solid drawing and enviable technique stand up to the poorest reproduction (ever faxed your drawings?). But beyond technique, it was Sickles' absolutely fearless experimentation, combined with accuracy and precision that set him apart from the competition.

Here is link with some dynamite Civil War drawings (scroll down.

And here is a very nice Sickles page within a site devoted to Mort Meskin,
a talented and unjustly overlooked comicbook artist of the golden age. Meskin was that rare golden age comic artist, a true illustrator; look at his site and see for yourself. Forced out of comics, like so many in the 50's, he became, what else, a storyboard artist!

This is one of my favorite finds in years. Christian Schellewald.

Steve Mumford

This guy went to Iraq and drew what he saw. The book is full of watercolor and ink drawings done mostly on the spot.

Leifpeng's Retro Illustration site

My all time favorite illustrators have many great samples here: Austin Briggs, Noel Sickles, and Robert Fawcett, among many others.

Stuart Ng Books

I spent years and years down in a coal mine, slowly unearthing the best books on illustration I could find. Now Stuart has them ALL on one website, available for purchase!

Entertainment Art Academy

Mike Mattesi’s school has top artists offering instruction geared specifically to the entertainment biz. No interpretive dance classes here.

Han Van Meegeren

Artists are an angry bunch, with art forgers surely angrier, but the angriest of all has to be Van Meegeren, a failed artist so spectacularly pissed off that he was driven to forge the mighty Vermeer, ELEVEN times!! Here is another site detailing this wild story. And here is a quick list off his known forgeries, with pictures.

Johannes Vermeer

People are often surprised to learn that only 36 Vermeers exist. Here is a list of them all, along with pictures. Like almost every artist in the history of the World, he led a miserable life and died broke.

Zdenek Burian

Burian was an enormously gifted and hard working Czech illustrator, known mostly for his depictions of dinosaurs and early man. Don’t miss this large gallery of some of the 15,000 illustrations he produced. Here is Bud Plant’s page on him. And here are a few more.

Illustration Magazine

I really enjoy the great coverage in this magazine of the old school american illustrators. Quality writing and interviews, plus tons of full color art! I never fail to find edifying relevance when I read about another commercial artist's career struggles, whatever the era. I found out the hard way that these beautifully printed issues quickly go out of print and triple in price; I finally subscribed.

Rules of Attraction

This fascinating, well written and beautiful site is devoted to the "rise and fall of the photo-realistic newspaper strip", from 1946-1970. Few people, even fans of comicbooks, know what sway the strips had over the western world in those few decades when the wildly expanding media was dominated by print, not broadcast. Any fan of realism will be truly stunned to see the beautiful artwork that used to come every day in the newspaper! And any working commercial artist will be riveted to read these illustrator's tales of day to day craft, influences and ambition, and art for art's sake!

Alex Toth

This is Toth's official site, and well worth a visit for anyone unfamiliar with his important work. Toth's work is important for storyboard artists because he has long been the standard for realism, good drawing, and good design stripped down to it's essentials and still vigorous enough to hold up under any poor reproduction. His best work was done in the 50's, 60's, and 70's, but is still very relevant today for anyone working as a storyboard artist, struggling to do quality work on a serious deadline, under the oppressive yoke of production! Alex Toth has done much of the difficult thinking and editing for us illustrators, and we need to study his work seriously. Toth's work has been reprinted in several books, but I can't find links to them on his site, so I'll point you to a couple on Amazon: Alex Toth: By Design There is also a book reproducing his Zorro comics from the 1950's. Reproductions of Toth's work can be hard to find, but there is no reason to pay a lot of money for his reprints, Keep looking in comicbook stores and online, especially Stuart Ng’s Books!

Mentor Huebner

Mentor worked as a production illustrator in Hollywood for several decades, doing both storyboards and concept art. His killer draughtsmanship, and the drama and authority of his work command that greatest of tributes among illustrators: unabashed envy! Yes, I wish I could draw like this guy! I never worked with him, and have only seen xeroxes of his work over the years. He worked in charcoal: vine and pencil. One frame per 8.5x 11 for storyboards, larger, on vellum for illustrations.


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